Sharing Your Thoughts

Have you ever wondered why sharing your thoughts with other people is a good idea? It is an outlet to help you to communicate your experiences with the hope that you realize that you are not alone. We tend to discuss the hard topics with people who make us feel safe, whether the person is your friend, or a family member or a co-worker. But sometimes you feel reluctant to share it with anyone simply because you are afraid of what they may think about you. Feeling apprehensive about opening your life to others can feel intimidating. Everyone has their own way of thinking and you may feel that you are surrounded by people who will not care. But please know that there are many platforms online where you can find people who provide a safe space to share. One such platform is This community revolves around kindness and respect. It is a platform which discusses various topics openly. Whether or not you feel comfortable conveying your experiences on, please know that you are important, needed and not alone.